Telus iPhone Roaming – How to make it work

We recently started using Telus Canada as our iPhone supplier at work and have a lot of users traveling in many countries around the world. Last week was our first real test with a user in South Korea and I was surprised to learn his iPhone did not seem to work there.

First answer from Telus was that they only had a CDMA agreement in South Korea. He referred to a page on their website. I was quite surprised to learn that too so I double checked and found this other page on their website saying otherwise. We called them back to find out it should work, finally…

Turned out I learned there was a setting proposed by Telus I never heard about before hidden deep in the iPhone’s configuration that can be changed for the phone to work in certain countries.  I figured it would be a good idea to share it since I’ve never found information on this before.

There are 2 “roaming modes”. default is 1 but you may need to change it to 2 in certain countries for the phone to work. Here’s how:

From main screen select Settings

From Settings select Phone

In Phone select SIM Applications

From SIM Applications select Roam/INTL

iPhone Roaming Options

Simply toggle between the two options. I don’t have any idea if this is a Telus only required configuration or if this is global, neither do I have a list of which country works with which roaming type. Don’t hesitate to comment if you do!

iPhone OS 3 battery drain : what to do while we wait for OS4?

Tired of having to charge you iPhone’s battery every day? Apple OS3 as a known issue with battery drain that’s been reported by thousands of users. Of course they’re playing Omerta as always but it’s fair to expect substantial improvements in the next release with so many complaints…

But what should we do while with wait for an official 3.2 or 4.0 fix? Many tips are available on the web, but here’s a good page that resumes most of important tips, thanks to the folks at for taking the time to summarize everything.
Of course some tips may not fit you well and I’m not part of the “purchase a 800$ very powerful device but turn everything off to save battery” group. If you use Bluetooth in your car every day… don’t turn it off!

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Il y en a au moins 5, have phone finding yours… si celle-là ne semble pas correspondre.

Creaform’s UNIscan lowers cost of 3d scanning

Few days ago, the company I work for launched a new interesting product so I thought it would be a good idea to add few words about it here. I am always happy when I see a technology become more affordable, and thus accessible to a broader audience.

UNIscan 3d scanner from the Handyscan 3D family

The new scanner from the well known Handyscan 3D lineup – UNIscan

The UNIscan is the last baby out of Creaform’s labs. Of course this is probably still too expensive for everyday use, but, this is another step in the right direction, and this is the whole point. This 2.1 lbs hand held device will digitize your world at a maximal accuracy of about 80 microns, which is a little more than its big brother, the REVscan. Need to scan? Don’t need the extra 30 microns?…  then hand held 3D scanning just got more than 10k$ cheaper!

Engadget is true at some point, this is still the price of a car… but the price of 25% less expensive car!