Creaform’s UNIscan lowers cost of 3d scanning

Few days ago, the company I work for launched a new interesting product so I thought it would be a good idea to add few words about it here. I am always happy when I see a technology become more affordable, and thus accessible to a broader audience.

UNIscan 3d scanner from the Handyscan 3D family

The new scanner from the well known Handyscan 3D lineup – UNIscan

The UNIscan is the last baby out of Creaform’s labs. Of course this is probably still too expensive for everyday use, but, this is another step in the right direction, and this is the whole point. This 2.1 lbs hand held device will digitize your world at a maximal accuracy of about 80 microns, which is a little more than its big brother, the REVscan. Need to scan? Don’t need the extra 30 microns?…  then hand held 3D scanning just got more than 10k$ cheaper!

Engadget is true at some point, this is still the price of a car… but the price of 25% less expensive car!

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