iPhone OS 3 battery drain : what to do while we wait for OS4?

Tired of having to charge you iPhone’s battery every day? Apple OS3 as a known issue with battery drain that’s been reported by thousands of users. Of course they’re playing Omerta as always but it’s fair to expect substantial improvements in the next release with so many complaints…

But what should we do while with wait for an official 3.2 or 4.0 fix? Many tips are available on the web, but here’s a good page that resumes most of important tips, thanks to the folks at testfreaks.com for taking the time to summarize everything.
Of course some tips may not fit you well and I’m not part of the “purchase a 800$ very powerful device but turn everything off to save battery” group. If you use Bluetooth in your car every day… don’t turn it off!

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