Telus iPhone Roaming – How to make it work

We recently started using Telus Canada as our iPhone supplier at work and have a lot of users traveling in many countries around the world. Last week was our first real test with a user in South Korea and I was surprised to learn his iPhone did not seem to work there.

First answer from Telus was that they only had a CDMA agreement in South Korea. He referred to a page on their website. I was quite surprised to learn that too so I double checked and found this other page on their website saying otherwise. We called them back to find out it should work, finally…

Turned out I learned there was a setting proposed by Telus I never heard about before hidden deep in the iPhone’s configuration that can be changed for the phone to work in certain countries.  I figured it would be a good idea to share it since I’ve never found information on this before.

There are 2 “roaming modes”. default is 1 but you may need to change it to 2 in certain countries for the phone to work. Here’s how:

From main screen select Settings

From Settings select Phone

In Phone select SIM Applications

From SIM Applications select Roam/INTL

iPhone Roaming Options

Simply toggle between the two options. I don’t have any idea if this is a Telus only required configuration or if this is global, neither do I have a list of which country works with which roaming type. Don’t hesitate to comment if you do!

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